A small blast from the past.

They were smiling in the old folk’s home called Blue Bayou,

Watching television playing the oldies of the past.

They rocked in rocking chairs to an imaginary beat,

While they watched shows that gave them a nostalgic blast.


Their minds wrapped in the past with shows now retreaded so many times,

A time of the past when money had meaning, and people saved nickels and dimes.

When you shopped you picked up a t.v. dinner or two,

A time when the color of the oceans and sky were a beautiful blue,

Now polluted to a gray and scum green from drains to the sea and funnels that spew.


Leave It to Beaver was on and the group reminisced of their grandchildren so grown,

Coming up next was the Rifleman and then the Twilight Zone.

Black and white still in vogue with color coming in,

Watching Lassie and the Yukon dog named Rin Tin Tin.


The Long Ranger rode with Tonto and never killed a man,

On the other hand, the Rifleman was a killer of sorts and yet had many a fan.

Detectives were aplenty with Peter Gunn walking the streets,

Route sixty-six and Henry Mancini made many an intro with mean beats.


Perry Mason protected so many from the mean Paul Drake,

Lost in Space had astronauts lost with Harris the weird flake.

Superman was simple, fighting crime with no psycho streak,

Batman fought crime with Robin and the Penguin was a sneak.


Many moons ago and yet for the old people in the room a smile of the past,

That is until  supper time and the television was off, so things do not last.


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