Last night

Went to the Bolts game last night with my son and grandson.  Three generations of the Wax clan.  I remember like it was yesterday.  I was riding on the subway to work with my Grandfather, my Uncle Irv and the youngest me.  I was thinking three generations of Wax.  Now, I am the old man.  It is the circle of life.

Now I am not a big fan of hockey.  Grown men with sticks hitting a puck on ice.

The seats were great but the pounding of the music and the constant back and forth was enough to get me dizzy.  Add to that but the Boston team creamed Tampa.  When the team you are routing for does poorly it makes for a dismal game.

One other thing that disappointed me was the amount of tipsy people at the game.

Beer flowed like the rivers of tears.  It was St. Patty’s day and a good excuse to drink.  We left early because it was a blow out and the drunks would be driving.

Better safe than sorry.

The best was being with my kid and grandkid.  I call Sam my kid, but he is a man.

Six feet two with a van dyke beard turning gray.  He is flying to Japan on Tuesday to be a tourist.  He is going to a sumo wrestling game.  A sport of two fat men trying to push each other out of the ring. Another sport which is dubious in nature.

For goodness sake they are wearing what appears to be diapers.  Then he is going to take a tour of Hiroshima.  That was the first city we A bombed.  It is strange that we visit the sites of death and make them tourist places.  When I was younger I went to the Anderson death camp in the states.  It was a prison camp in the Civil War.  What we go see as tourist can be really left field. 

Remember the movie Field of Dreams and Costner built a baseball field in the middle of his farm.  That now is a tourist destination.  My grandson on the other hand is in California scoping out colleges for the future.  He is a junior at his high school. My daughter on Monday is heading for the Philippines for a three-week vacation.  I remember when going across the town we lived on was a trip.  Now we go half way around the world.  In the future the trips will be to the moon or Mars.


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