Expressions which floor me!


Lying through one’s teeth.  Since I have dentures I conclude I either do not lie anymore or I lie through my dentures.

Birds eye view.  Why not a bison’s view or a deer’s view?  And do different birds have a different view?

The hawk view of a sparrow is food for his tummy and the sparrows view of the hawk is “get out of here”

Goats will eat everything.  But if a person got your goat he annoyed you.  And therefore you ate the goat.

A bird in the hand is worth more than it is in a bush.  Assuming you are going to cook the goose.

We have an expression in the South, which is attributed to Benjamin Franklin, “Houseguests–like fish–begin to smell after three days.”  I have been married to the same woman for forty eight years and she smells good to me.
The eight-hundred-pound gorilla in the room.  Who put him into the scale of things.  And did he use gorilla glue?

Hens teeth for sale made by Gregory Peck.

I went to a bazaar and saw bear meat for sale.  I guess it was a bear market.  The next day they had run out of bear and were selling bull.  They called it the bull market.  The next day they ran out of bull but still had its manure and called it the BS market.

“Life is a just a bowl of cherries,” stated Zazu Pitts.

“Have  a grape  day,” said the Welch man.


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