Toys of the past

When I was a young lad there were log cabin blocks,

No computer games on I phones, what a shock.

Models with glue which tended to get you high,

Balsa wood for glider planes that would crash, and you would sigh.


We played cowboys and Indians, and GI Joe was green,

We had Green Hornet and Howdy Doody with strings seen.

Sesame Street did not exist but there was Disney toons,

We watched fake violence and there was Buster Crabbe on the moons.


We had rocket ships and the Musketeers with children now grown,

The Rifleman protected Mark and the seeds of fatherhood were sown.

Girls were to be put on a pedestal and treated with care,

Guys looked groovy with grease in their hair.


We wanted to drive the muscle cars and wear the leather jackets,

We were in a fantasy land of hormones in our age brackets.

Now we are older, and our children have moved up the ladder,

The toys have evolved and for some that does not matter.





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