And a child shall lead them!

The aliens invaded on the day that was most peaceful on earth,

Wars had truces and the hatred seemed reversed, a new birth.

They came in swarms and attacked the crops with blight,

They lasered cities with a blinding light that wiped them from sight.


It was the film Independence Day, but it was not on the screen,

It was real lasers and death from the creatures of slime and green.

The world united and fought to the man and woman,

People watched the skies for a sign of tomorrow, a good omen.


But the skies were aflame with red crimson like the bowls of hell,

We tried for a truce, but the aliens wanted our deaths, humans fell.

We could count the population of the world in hundreds and the future was dim,

The odds in Las Vegas were low and the chances of a comeback were slim.


Out of nowhere a child came up with the clue,

He invented an unglued which in a missile flew.

It exploded into their mother ship and it dissolved into a gooey mess,

Today we have built a statue of that child who was earths best.


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