Fear is the answer and the problem!

When did we get scared?

Is it from the time when the cave was shared?

When humans huddled around the fire?

When humans worried about things so dire?


The dinosaurs will eat us, or we will starve,

Slowly we crawled up the food chain, notches we did carve.

The industrial revolution and we saw war after war,

We learned the horrors of conflict as we saw weapons with flesh tore.


We soared in the skies, we went under the seas,

We became busy at construction of cities like buzzing bees.

But fear was still present, a war to end all wars was put in the history book,

Then more wars occurred, and we never stopped, nor do we even look.


We have been in some conflicts for over ten years,

We drown out the conflict sitting around and counting the beers.

We stay drunk  and never alleviate the fear,

But it is worse in the peace that takes so many lives dear.

Road rage is common, opioids take their toll,

The fear is still there, like starring down a black hole.


Now we fear in schools and look dazed and confused,

The body count is staggering, and humanity is abused.

What do we stand for, are we still in the cave?

Only the madman is sane for he is the only one left to rave.



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