Expressions of impressions:


What is the dead of night?  Is it the zombie time?  What hour is it?

What is an hour hand?  Is it made up by the sands of time?

How many ages in the rock of ages?  How does it celebrate a birthday?

We celebrate the day we escape the womb but in reality we took nine months to form, so add that to your age.  That is the way they do it with horses.

What is a hand-me down?  What about Grandpa’s dentures which I am currently wearing. 

How old is Santa Claus and is he the CEO of the toy factor?  Do the elves have a union? Do they all have the same housing at the North Pole or is there jealousy to have the biggest house based on production.

Aquaman puzzles me.  He talks to the fish.  I talk to Charlie the Tuna or is in the middle of two pieces of bread.  Is Aquaman’s house powered by the electricity of the eel company.  What did he study in college?  Bet a lot of geography and chemistry. 

If Superman marries Lois Lane would their children fly off the handle?  Would they use their xray vision to get the answers on a test?  How would they go out for sports?  Would their dad have to go to conferences at the school and not freak out the teacher with his powers.  How do you as a teacher say to Superman that his son or daughter was rude in class?



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