Rambling on Monday morning

I used to watch the Oscars but now for some reason it is a bore,

I am tired of overpaid actors breaking the moral code and law.

I know that they live in clouds of ivory and think their voices are loud,

I figure they own it all, including access to the overreaching cloud.


Do I care where they stand concerning their station in life,

Do I care about all their fake drama and how they handle strife?

Athletes are lumped into the same group and I do profess,

They are overpaid for their performances and to this I confess.


Leave me alone and do not make laws that I find abhorrent,

You believe that you are superior to me, you are self-absorbent.

We are becoming an armed camp, schools armed to the teeth,

Because of the horror of the graveyards now with memorials of wreath.


The breaking point is that we will soon tattle tell on each other,

Drama will predominate the landscape pinning brother against brother.

Joe the Plumber did not get paid and gets his friend to say,

That you are strange, get the detectives on your tail, you are now prey at bay.

Baker acted for you are late on your car payment and had a spat with your mate,

Now you face the wrath of government who sets your judge date.

Fear surrounds all your interactions, and no one is immune,

This will be the state of America and it is coming to you real soon.


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