Mrs. Clever has a pearl issue

Mystery solved:

I watched a lot of ME T.V.  Nostalgia I guess.  I have watched many episodes of Leave It to Beaver. 

Who today would call their son Beaver.  I think it might be considered child verbal abuse.  Let us concentrate on those big buck teeth of yours.

Any rate, it is Mrs. Clever that puzzled me.  She always walked around the house in pearls or scarfs around her neck.  There she is washing dishes in pearls, vacuuming the house in high heels.  It is quite strange.

I found out the mystery.  She had a surgical scar on her neck and the jewelry or scarf hid it.  The heels were added for the boys were getting taller and the producers of the show did not want her to appear smaller.  Sometimes the explanation is right in front of you and you just do not realize it. 

Another mystery that I have not been able to solve is The Rifleman.  Billy the Kid was a real killer.  Knocked off a dozen guys.  But McCain knocks off over a hundred guys and is considered a hero.  He may love his boy, but he has an anger issue with that gun of his. 

So on one hand we spend a half hour with the problems of the Beaver and on the other hand we spend a half hour with a man dispensing death from his gun.  The first show is like Father Knows Best and the last show is like Lassie.  How many times did Lassie save Billy?  Billy should learn not to put himself in harms way.  Every week and he takes a chance of getting hurt. 



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