Business below board

Business is a dirty enterprise.

To those in business this would not be a surprise.

Deals are made with money set aside,

To payoff the dealers for information inside.


Hush money is paid, and it is a silent transaction,

Payoffs are typical and quite often a criminal infraction.

It is a question of who knows whom,

That equation has led to many deals in the back room.


Some of our greatest enterprises were born out of greed,

Morals slaughtered by the need of secrecy and speed.

Who was on the take and who was in your pocket?

Who shot paid off the systems and who fueled the rocket?


Welcome to corporate America where billions are stolen in a day.

And the chance of being penalized by incarceration is hard to say.

Madoff is a stewing in a cell with the soap dish up his ass,

He will die there wasting his breathe, watching his life pass.


But for the thousands of others who get away with financial murder by the score,

Those who preyed on the innocent and gorged themselves with profits and an occasional whore.

The system allows them to escape down the crack of appeal,

Indictments aplenty smoothed out with money from the steal.

We yell with aplomb at the rape of our conscious pain,

Work for the devil and trade your soul for the dubious gain.

Money corrupts, and our bodies do rot,

We hide our brains in a trance by using legal pot.


But the stain remains and eventually we will pay the piper,

Nothing is worse than hell with the stink of the diaper. 


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