We are nutzo

You have got to be crazy,

I mean swimming with sharks,

And yet some people pay money to do that.


I mean skydiving out of a plane with a parachute,

Especially if you do not know who packed it.


I mean running with the bulls,

They have horns and you have less speed then they do.


I mean getting drunk and driving.

Using drugs and playing Russian Roulette.


Everyday someone somewhere does the nutzo factor.

Everyday someone somewhere pays the ultimate price.

The gravesites are full of them. 


Remember the days of the cowboys when one guy tried to outdraw another.

Winner gets a notch on his gun and the loser gets dead.


Football is the game of the concussion.  You get paid to get hurt.

Fighting in a ring is not a sport.  It is not beautiful nor smart.  People get hurt and then the winner wears a buckle on his belt.

Riding bulls makes no sense. 

Make sense of humanity is as complex as a rubric cube where all the squares are white.  Why do it?

It makes me scratch my head.  I know adult males who drink themselves into a stupor, killing their livers, while they watch football where men try to hurt other men.  Welcome to the men of the century. 



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