The life in a spinning cycle

I am a creature of habit,

Living in a home I inhabit.

Coffee in the morning with a little cream,

Going to work a typical scene.


Weekends for resting my weary body,

Watching television and occupied with my hobby.

And then the world changed, and habits did too,

Got married and my life went from simple to living in a stew.


Diapers to the right of me, diapers to the left of me,

Stank and repulsed my nose, a ton of laundry, this is the life I choose.

Baby smiles and it is so cute, and the noise factor is not mute.

Two o’clock in the morning and the rooster cries me from my sleep,

I am in a fog of counting my sheep when the bugle calls.


Diaper changes by the thousands and the start of speech,

The cost factor of a child is like being sucked on by a financial leech.

And they grow, into mini adults, with minds of their own,

All my routines and habits out the window, my sweet life is gone.


Years later they go to school and get jobs,

We get together for holidays, a family we created as now become a mob.

The children have produced more prodigy and challenges occur,

Life is passing me by as a giant spinning top, oh what the blur!

Now ancient am I said the Yoda within,

Got to put that depends on myself, where the hell is the pin. 



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