Taking it to the next level

Jumping into the future.  Every school is now an armed fortress.  Twenty percent of the teachers are armed.  Plus there are security guards.  The administrators wear protective gear and are armed.  The janitor has karate on his resume and a concealed weapon.

But the next mass killer goes to a packed house watching Black Panther.  Now we start arming all the ushers and hire security guards.  In the back of each seat is a bullet proof vest.

But the next mass killer shoots up a mall.  We arm all the sales personnel.  Security is everywhere.  The security force is armed with AR15’s and walk up and down the stores.  There are undercover secret police armed to the teeth.

But the next mass shooter walks up and down the busy streets and uses a car for a weapon.  We now put up barriers everywhere.

We have become a nation living in fear.  We are afraid to go to the grocery store.  We have all deliveries made by Amazon.  The delivery guy is armed and is accompanied by a security guard.

Welcome to the new paranoid world.  Football games are cancelled because we cannot protect the area from fast moving drones.  Drone technology is being used as a weapon of choice.  Poison gas is now the choice of the assassin.  We now have gas masks attached to our belts.  Just in case, why take a chance.

But to go after the mental cases we now imprison all those who speak out.  We control the population from anyone thinking a fringe element or idea.  Bernie Sanders is declared nuts and is Baker acted.  Thousands are sent to institutions and the nut house industry becomes larger than the prison business. All newscasts are monitored in case they say anything that might get the public aroused.  The first amendment is buried in symbolic ceremonies and those doing that are arrested for terrorism by the guys in black from the national security group.

We are scared to death.  We hide.  We keep silent.  We pick scapegoats.


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