The end of mankind: not with a bang but with a gulp.

“Welcome to extinction”, said the metal man.

God’s greatest experiment had gotten out of hand.

It had wrecked the environment and polluted the earth,

It had effectively killed everything, even stillborn children at birth.


The elements of life were fighting for survival and now clenched their hands,

The atmosphere was so polluted that it rusted the components of fans.

Acid rain was in the sky and the birds did not fly very high,

The animals in the sea of pollution bellied up and rotted as they died.


And mankind suffered in the sun with relenting heat,

Mankind was at a quandary and it was the drums last beat.

The earth from space was no longer the hue of blue,

The world was boiling in its own fate of stew.


The few and elite journeyed out to space to a planet far away,

Generations in suspended tubes, waiting for that glorious day.

They landed and proceeded out of their capsules to the new dawn of man,

The aliens greeted  the last survivors of earth and eat them like sardines out of a can.


So, now mankind is extinct, and this work was written not by a living being,

But by a robot at a computer, the new and improved supreme being.


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