Getting up and fighting for what you believe in.

Take no risk for you may fall,

Hitting your head is useless against the wall.

No chance will you have to get ahead,

Stay inside your cocoon of safety until you are dead.


But if by chance you wish to succeed and take a stab,

Stand tall for you are no longer the mouse in a lab.

You are courageous and strong and with a voice enraged with emotion,

You will take the steps to succeed and give it your devotion.


You may succeed beyond your wildest dreams or you may fall,

But at least you gave it a try and for that reason you can stand tall.

At least you are not a quitter but a doer and an explorer of your destiny,

Not a coward any longer but a person who got up and off his knee.


Rage on and do not go gently into that night,

Bellow loudly and clench your fists for the fight.

Do not take it on the chin but roll with the punch,

You will feel better for yourself and that is my hunch. 



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