some fun with words

Can a tart have a tort?

Can a lawyer leak a brief?

Is Simon a simple person or a deep thinker?

If e equals mc squared can it dance in a square dance?

I used to be square said the amorphous creature but not morphed into a triangle?

If Superman marries Super girl and cheats on her with Cat Woman would that result in a cat fight?

Do birds blink?  What about fish?

Did they really use cat’s guts to make the early tennis rackets?  When you hit a ball with them did they meow?

What if everybody in the band wore a band aid.  Would they play at the hospital and put everyone in stitches?

If Jack be nimble and Jack be quick, why did he get impaled by a candle stick?

Did Mary really lose her sheep or sold them and then claimed they were stolen for the insurance?

Can you goose Mother Goose?  Have you ever sat on a tuppet?

Why did the mice go up the clock?

Why is there a well on top of the hill< would you not dig on the bottom of the hill< and who pushed Jack and Jill down the hill< sounds like a stalker?

Why is MacDonald fascinated by eieio?  Where is a and u?

If Al went through a portal does he need a passport or a porta potty?



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