Sitting back and looking at the future

Grandchild number three is almost two.  Michael is the first now almost seventeen.  He drives a car and is thinking of college.  He will actively look at them and decide which one next year.  Granddaughter Ariella is now fourteen and becoming a teenager.  She is at a dance competition.  And the third grandie is almost two.

The difference in having children and grandchildren is that on the second you can have them for just a while and give them back.  Children, well you have no one to give them too.

I think we need a Grandparent bank.  Children who have no Grandparents can be helped by those who have no one.  Just a thought.  It must be worked out. 

To many children out there have no one.  On the other hand, many older people have no one.  Now you would need a neutral place where the visits would be monitored to keep it safe, but could it be done. 

Back to my own grandchildren.  Ariella is at high school in her first year.  There is tension in the air as she fears of a shooter.  In all the thousands of schools across the country there is fear that the bad guy is coming.  The chances are low but the chance is there.  How do you protect your love ones?  Trump has pushed that teachers should pack guns.  I am a retired teacher and that is not a good idea.  Not everyone will handle the situation correctly.  Having more guns adds to the confusion. How many teachers could shoot someone?  We are not John Wayne or Clint Eastwood.  Teachers teach and are ill prepared for guns.  Half of them are just kids themselves.

Twenty-year-old young girls in elementary school.  You expect them to do GI Jane if an intruder comes into the school.  Most of them are brave enough to usher their students to safety but to take on an intruder with a rapidly firing gun is a little extreme.  Just think about a 45 versus a AR 15.  One shot versus thirty in a matter of ten seconds.  No contest.  Under stress the average shooter will miss.  Even with target practice the emotions change when confronted with an active situation.  Hell, we are not in SWAT. 

The next generation will confront different challenges than I did.  May they pick good solutions.  My generation thought we would change the world for the better and for some things we did.  On other things we did poorly.

At least we held off World War Three.  But the small wars have killed millions.  Millions still starve.  We still waste a lot of resources and we are running in too many directions at one time.  We need to slow down and think.

Think about the future.  In other countries they have bullet trains.  Here we just have bullets.  Hopefully my grandchildren and millions like them will come up with solutions. 


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