Humans and animals

In the movie “The Shape of Water” the girl falls in love with a fish.  Now, I will admit it is a big fish and has some human physicality but it is a fish.  It swims like a fish, thinks like a fish and probably smells like a fish.

I can never look at fish sticks again.  I think I will dress them up.  At least there is still tator tots which are the children of the spud.

I wonder what the fish parents think of their “daughter-in-law.  What kind of kids will these two create.  Will the kids be crabby or flounder in life?

We have seen this before in Hell Boy. His friend is a aqua man, of sorts.  He too fell in love with a person of a different race.  But the result was tragic.

Then we have had the legend of a girl kissing a frog and getting a prince with warts.

The ancient Greeks had a lot of inter species stuff.  The guy and girl half horse and half human.  When the girl resisted her stud she would yell, “neigh”

Then there is the Bird Man of Alcatraz who loved his birds. When they died he had them put in the stew.

Tarzan had his gorillas and interplayed with them.  Before Jane did he have monkey shine with a banana peeler?

Never could understand the attraction of King Kong to a girl.  Maybe she was more than finger food but she could get stuck between his teeth and he would have to use  a tree as a toothpick.

The writer of this stuff have a vivid imagination.  Humans falling for animals.  Oh, I got to feed my cats, walk my dog and sprinkle stuff on the surface of the water in the fish bowl.


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