Teddy Bear

Richard Steiff

Richard Steiff
Richard Steiff was a German designer, known for helping create the teddy bear. Steiff was born in Giengen, and entered his aunt Margarete’s toymaking enterprise in 1897. While attending the School of Arts and Crafts in Stuttgart, he would regularly visit the nearby Nill’scher Zoo and spend much of his time drawing the residents of the bear enclosure. His sketches of the bears were incorporated into the prototype of the toy bear he created in 1902 and codenamed Steiff Bär.
Now the history books put the teddy bear as an outreach of Teddy  Roosevelt.  The myth was the toy was in his honor.  But the truth gets smudge with time.  History is what is remembered and it is  constantly changing with agendas.
What you are learning in school is an approximation of what is real and what is plausible.  The real General Washington was not covered in a halo.  He made mistakes and he paid dearly for them.  His life was not a cherry pie.  It was tough and filled with sorrow.  The same is true of Abraham Lincoln.  Being married to Mary Todd was strained by her mental problems.  War creates pain which is always there and never goes away.
Time erases the truth and stretches it to heights of what is true and what is made up.
Some of history is “fake”  As I said to many of my students, “Would I lie to you?”

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