Gun Control

I am a retired teacher.  I was in the classroom for over thirty years.  Some teachers could handle a gun.  Many could not.  The problems are if you give some teachers guns where do they carry them. 

I could wear a jacket and wear it under it.  Maybe a side arm like the old west.  Could you see a teacher in a room with a gun at his side teaching and the children not freaking out by the sight.

Then think of a AR15 shooting twenty bullets out in a second and the teacher goes against this with a six shooter.  Sorry I do not see it.  I believe there are other answers to the question.

One answer is take the machine gun off the market.  Why are we making this country into a war zone? It is not a sports gun.

You do not go hunting with a machine gun.  Should I extend the right to arms to tanks.  A private individual has the right to arm themselves with a tank.  Sounds adsorb but so does an automatic weapon which dispenses death by the second.

Raise the age limit up will not do much.  The younger people will get older people to buy it for them.  Take the temptation away completely.  Is a twenty-one-year-old okay but a twenty-year-old not okay. 

There are usually tell-tale signals that a person is going to the river and take a leak.  They do things that are destructive to themselves and telegraph their intentions on social media.  They make no secret of their desires.  Ignoring them is a major problem.  The second amendment did not give carte blanche to own any weapon.  It states a militia in case of a pending attack.  Do we really think that the Russians will attack us from landing crafts?  And how would being armed protect you from a nuclear attack by North Korea?

When the incident occurred in Hawaii did people run for their guns or run to a safe area? 



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