Will the scab ever heal.

At least he listened.  At least some representatives talked to the children.  At least Rubio met with the children.  I remember the Nam War.  We marched, we screamed, we yelled but they did not meet with us.  They ignored the children who were mandated to go to that war and acted like they did not care.  They sat in their cocoons and knowing that their children did not have to go because of special reasons, they ignored those forced to go into the dicing machine of death.

You had to be there to feel the anxiety of the country at that time.  At first there was the excitement of a glorious war to keep South Vietnam in the pro democratic column.  We were there to help those people.  And then the casualties started to come in.  Many of them on that Black Wall in Washington.  But the names faded in memory even though they are engraved in stone.  Fifty thousand guys died.  They were for the most part young, just out of high school.  There was crazy things happening too.  A march on Kent University and four children killed by accident.

Now, the machine guns are turned on ourselves.  And we do not have the guts to listen to the children again.  We ignored their protests in the war and now we ignore them as they plead for school safety.  Over thirty thousand people are killed by guns in the United States.

The reason we do not ban the weapons is money.  Lots of it.  We are bought and sold by support from the NRA.  They won’t even give in on weapons that fire rounds into their own populace.

To turn it around.  Congress needs to ban AR15 period.  No age limit, period.  So a person hits twenty-one.  That does not mean the people won’t go nuts in a mall or a movie house.

Watch out for the mental health issue.  It will be used for and against people.  Any quirks and we will throw you in a mental hospital.  A divorce will lead to rumors and rumors will lead to a room at the Crazy Hilton.  Innuendoes will go nuts and an industry will circle people who for any  reason will be incarcerated by the thousands.  Get caught up and yell and scream at the electric company.  Send them a vicious email or social media showing they are charging you incorrectly and there will be a cop at your door evaluating your sanity.  Parents will be turning in their teenagers over a spat.  Husbands will get rid of their wives and wives will say adieu to their husbands.  A slippery slope of Vaseline.

Welcome to the first stages of Nazi America.  Where what you say and do will be used against you.  The hell, with the first amendment.  It may come before the second amendment but only on paper.


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