Sometimes it is the small things that change the dialogue

Life is funny, some days you do not feel like communicating to the world,

You want to be left alone and yet things pile in and you feel cramped for “me” time.

The day passes and you feel you have accomplished little,

And the daily routines seem boring and frustrating.

You did not change the world today,

You barely eked by and did daily tasks of little consequence.

You took out the garbage, you washed the dishes, and you ate your meals with little relish.

You drove to work and did little there except punch in and out.

You said little and what little you said did not mean much.

But on this day of nothing you did a kind deed.

It went a little unnoticed by you but to the other person it was a big deal.

They were extremely depressed and you made them smile.

Of course you did not take notice of it.

You slipped and almost fell but the facial expression you made, well it made them laugh and somehow changed their mind.

Instead of going home and committing suicide he went to church and prayed.

You caused that and so on this day when you thought you accomplished so little,

You saved a life.


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