The Good Old Days were not that good but they were old

It is like the vacation of old where you forgot the bad things and remember only the good. Such is the concept of nostalgia. You forget you were bitten up by mosquitoes, the suntan was really a burn, and you slept through most of the vacation, partied too much and blanked out quite a lot. Yet as time goes on the memory of the vacation gets better at least in your head.

I tend to read the comments on yahoo more than the articles themselves. Most of the time the comments reflect the good old days rather than remembering the good old days really were not so good.

Medicine has prolonged many lives and eradicated some major foes. During my youth polio was a menace that plagued my generation. My brother had it, although I believe a mild case. In many schools it was a common sight to see the metal crutches on young children. I, for one, am glad that this is a rare sight. My grandchild, Michael, was saved from brain cancer because of the advancement of medicine. A combo of radiation and stem cell which in the good old days did not exist.

The good old days had better television programs. Did it? I remember that the nights were filled with one western after another western. If killing was so rampant in the old west most people would not have survived. Indians were usually portrayed as the bad guys. Occasionally there was a good one. The Daniel Boone series had a good one and a good Black person. It was a time when racism was touched on but not really discussed.

The good old days had race riots and hidden agendas. The good old days told you what to think and if you thought differently you were ostracized and condemned. Communism was on everyone’s mind and they could be undercover agents. The House on Un-American Activities was at its peak and stating that this person or his friend was a demand and refusing to do so could be considered subversive. Basically the hell with freedom of speech.

The things we thought were pure, well not so. Baseball had drunks, and corruption. Movies depicted the future as gloom and doom. Fail Safe and movies about the Atomic Bomb proliferated the screen. But in real life there was the Cuban Missile Crisis and for a few minutes there was the realization that the world could end in chaos and not a whimper.

The good old days. When people had to pretend what everyone expected them to be. Gay people hid under the threat of ruined careers. Rock Hudson and Raymond Burr as prime examples.

We were hoping the future would be bright and empty of the lies. Boy we were wrong. But on reflection I would rather look to the future than dream about those days. How about you?

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