How safe are you from a nukes?

apartment building house radioactive fallout shelter protection quality level llnl bruce buddemeier


So if you have fifteen minutes of notification go to the basement and you will survive the radiation.  Of course if you are close to the bomb explosion the building will collapse on you and although the radiation will not kill you but the collapse of the building will.

nuclear explosion fallout radiation danger zones decay bruce buddemeier llnlThe dangerous fallout zone (dark purple) shrinks quickly, while the much less dangerous hot zone (faint purple) grows for about 24 hours before shrinking back.Brooke Buddemeier/Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Twenty kilometers is 12.4274 miles.

So here’s New York in a nuclear blast:


BI Graphics_Nuke Count Skye Gould/Business Insider

We worry about North Korea and yet Pakistan where there are terrorist has 140 more weapons.  As far as the numbers are concerned are they real or fake news.


In the movie The Thing, a scientist states, “Watch the skies”  and be afraid.  Trump indicates “Let it rain”, but I am anxious, and I fear for my country.


3 thoughts on “How safe are you from a nukes?

  1. Very good article to make people aware of the consequences of a nuclear bomb. Our fears today are not unlike those of when we were children and the “Better dead than Red” slogan became the call. I wonder why we feel the need to have someone to fear? I wonder why the politicians feel we have to revive Russia-phobia and also add in North Korea’s spoiled rich kid who plays with big toys? The Pac-Afghan area needs to play on with out fear because they make too much money off of our sons and daughters going there to fight.
    I choose not to look to the skies and be afraid – I choose to look at the skies and admire the sunrise.

    • I do not remember a day when there was no nukes. I do remember the Cuban Missile Crisis and the killing of Kennedy and King. I have become history. I used to talk about it in the classes I taught but even that is history and it seems that no one no longer listens. I am the old man on the hill that says things no one wants to hear.

      • I have had my faith in the upcoming generation renewed by people such as Nasuko, and Wyatt, 2 of my younger readers – so keep up teaching with the facts of the cases – not the heart.

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