Grandma as food for the kittie

  • Hilltop Glimpses: April 2013



A nightmare in a rocking chair.

The cat awoke from its long lasting nap,

It stretched in the lap of the old woman.

It wanted to be scratched.  It purred and snuggled.

But then the smell of food got its attention.

It leaped down and went to the bowl to catch the few scraps left.

Then it went back to the lap.

No petting occurred even though he meowed.

Wake up owner and pet me he meowed.

But his murmurs went unanswered.

Ten days later they found the old woman because of the smell.

The cat was very hungry but at least it did not starve.

It eat tough old flesh with little meat but at least it was some substance.

smiling cat need dental checkup
And her dentures fit.

8 thoughts on “Grandma as food for the kittie

    • Sorry I was out of the loop for two months. I had a triple by pass and am slowly recovering. I now have a zipper on my chest. Hard to believe some doctor had his fingers in my heart. But I am better now and appreciate you thinking of me.

    • Read the article. If I get a clear bill of health I am going back to Lego to redo the job. P.S. I wrote an article on nuclear radiation today. Give it a read and let me know what you think about it.

      • Sorry to hear you haven’t been well – you have my best wishes for a swift recovery.
        I’ll have to get to your article this afternoon, my apologies – time is moving way too quickly these days (and just at the age when we need it the most, eh?!! 🙂 ]

      • What I have learned from my heart issues is not to take tomorrow for granted. We are all on a collision course and it could be around the corner or down the street, or a mile from the house. But it is coming and you got to smell the roses before you lose the ability to smell the roses. What did you think of the movie Dunkirk?

      • I haven’t seen it. Being as there were almost 400,000 men there, the accuracy of telling a few tales might not give the viewer an true picture of what a disaster Dunkirk really was. I’ve read reviews both pro and con on it and can’t decided if i should bother – Hollywood doesn’t have the greatest record on being accurate and Europe is certainly not my bailiwick.

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