There is tension in the air.

I remember the Cuban Missile Crisis.  We were eye ball to eye ball with the Russians over the island of Cuba.  They had installed nukes on the island and we wanted them to remove them.  President Kennedy blockaded the island but the Russian sent a flotilla of ships.  We could see that they carried missiles under the tarps on top of the ships.

It was scary times.  Now we are again in scary times.  The North Korean child king has chosen Guam as a target.  We are starting to take him seriously.  Our President has now blurted out stuff that he should have kept to the diplomats.  The stakes of the game are high and the tension has risen.  The next step is removal of personal from the region who are not necessary for the fight.  If this happens we will be in the red zone.

World War One started in the same manner.  The assassination at Sarajevo and the alignment of the countries set the war in motion.  Then World War two had the same scheme of things.  In this case we have an enemy with ties to China.  China will be instrumental in whether there is war or not.  Believe it or not: Russia may come in on the side of the United States.   Stalemate until someone says the wrong thing or a person or persons does something stupid.  In the Bedford Incident a tech. pushes the red button and the situation goes nuclear.  Playing cat and mouse is fun but it is real life and we are not Tom and Jerry.

Diplomacy and sanctions are easy words to say but not easy to complete.  The problem is the leaders who brag that their arsenal is bigger than the other guys arsenal gets in the way.  Bullies in government need to heed the words coming out of their mouths.

And so it is a standoff.  If you believe in God, pray for the United States and the world.  There are so many problems to fix and we are fixated on the boy king of Korea.

Image result for picture of the ruler of north korea
Image result for picture of trump
the world awaits!

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