Puns and word twists on a Wed.

Is Robin Hood a bird in a hoodie?

What are the elements in Metallica?

Why is the water boy bringing Gatorade to the players who are from the Crimson Tide?

How tall is the ruler of a country?

Can there be a city bumpkin? Who is his kin of the bump?

Can there be urban bumpkin?

An indent is good for a paragraph but not for a car.

Dentures for dentists, an example for a poor tooth man.

Moles and voles and frogs and tadpoles are always mixed up in my mind.

If you are between the North and South Pole are you bipolar?
Can spaghetti not be pasta?

What about a spaghetti plot of a hurricane? And where is the sauce?
If I had a four hour erection I would not require a hospital just the funeral.

If he is the spitting image of his dad was his dad made of spit?

If the air is thin the further you go up should not there be a lot of air on the bottom of the ocean?

What ever happened to Popeye, did he get a spinach overdose and end up on spinach steroids?

Can you have a u ball and see it with your eyeball?

How can you get a good night’s sleep on a bed of roses?

What cause do bees have? Do they have placards declaring their love of their honey?

Who chose the colors of the rebels in the Civil War? Why gray?

Notice that people are made out of flesh and blood. What about the little gray cells? Are they flesh with electrons?

What is being subservant? Is it a valet on a boat?

Can there be boats called Q boat, D boat or any other letter? We do have the U boat.

What does gun packing mean? Does it mean the gun is packed in a luggage piece?


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