North Korea and no winner

I was a teacher many years ago.  I had two students who argued over a pencil.  Each one claimed ownership.  It was just a regular number two pencil with an eraser.  Nothing special.  But the two went at it.  One of them took the pencil and stabbed the other in his eye.  I called for backup and the dean arrived just as it happened.

One boy stood there in disbelief.  He had stabbed the other.  He backed off and realized he had done something very wrong.   He blurted out, “He made me do it”


The other boy had fallen to the floor.  He pulled the pencil out but his eye swelled up and a liquid was covering his face.  It mixed with blood.  I gave him my hanky and he covered up the eye.  He was in terrible pain.


Both boys changed their lives over a number two pencil.  One lost his eye and the other was branded for the rest of his life as a violent person.


No one won.  Such is the situation with North Korea.  We will make all sort of excuses that they were forced into action.  We will state we went on the offense to avoid the problem.  But at the end thousands will die.  And nothing good will happen if the situation goes critical.


2 thoughts on “North Korea and no winner

    • Many years ago a Professor told the class that the world will have many nations with nuclear capabilities. Some of them rational and some insane. This was inevitable.

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