My morning is filled with questions.

Medieval use to be spelled mid evil?  It was between the old ways of doing things and the restoration.

There was a lot of rust in rustic.

What happens to an old vampire?  His bite is implanted.

Superman gets frequent flying miles.

Wonder Woman tights are sold at Walmart.  They squeeze you into a great shape.

Aquaman opens a new sea food restaurant called the Neptune.

Where is the state of defeat? At the end of the legs.

What lurks in the hearts of men?  A aorta of a sort.

How does a journey have a last leg to it?

What dog runs laps and do they lap it up?

Can you wear a wrist watch on your elbow?  Would it be called tic tock funny bone time piece?

What one computer said to another computer:  I would give you a piece of my mind but I can spare the bytes.

What is in the den of iniquity?

I sleep on a flat bed.

I hate the phone.  Press one for Spanish and two for English.  With arthritis, I press in between and get Spanglish.





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