Zany fades to Black.

The Marx Brothers and their antics. One scene in particular where a huge amount of people crowd into a room is in my brain cells. They threw everything at you and then some.

Harpo was my favorite and his harp had strings of melodic delight.

Image result for a picture of the marx brothers

Then there was Ernie Kovacs. He had one scene where music played and an empty office room moved to the beat of the music. Files open and closed, typewriters (what the hell are they you ask) typed and the staple machine made noises to the music. It was a delight and quite creative.

Jerry Lewis was at times tops and zany. I loved the scene in Scared Straight when they are on the voodoo island and pursued by zombies. I liked him and Dean.

Winters made me smile with his craziness. He made everything loon tunes. His mind went a mile a minute and his creativity splashed a rich canvas.

Yesterday the world lost Robin Williams, a kind of protégé to Winters. And the zany faded. To hear a man of comedy is depressed is the tragedy and comedy of the world. Williams was of course Mork. He made the character and became him. But he was much more. There is one scene in Caged Birds where he and Nathan Lane are sitting on the bench. They portray lovers. For Nathan not a stretch. But Williams pulls it off. There is a connection there. An affair of the heart. He shows his love for the man and reveals real acting. For a moment one can believe the scene. A comedian reaching and achieving drama.

In his zany world there is peace now from the demons of depression but I will miss him. Never met him but my mind I still sees Mork and the smile comes back on my face. RIP


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