World War One and Barry hides in Plain Sight.

Meyer and Barry became tight as they bonded to fight the bullies.  But with Bugsy in their corner they had some muscle and the bullies squared off.  The three of them became a trio of ingenious schemes.  Meyer’s uncle, was good friends with Tony Gambino, known as The Big Stick, and he owned a trucking company.

It was a fleet of fifteen trucks which supposedly transported furniture when someone moved from one place to another.  But really it was a transportation service bringing in smuggled goods from Canada.  Mainly it was unregulated booze and not taxed which angered the United States.


Meyer and Barry made arrangement with border guards to look the other way when the trucks came in.  Bribes were scattered about as leaves.  The guards did not make a lot of money so a few hundred kept their mouths sealed.  And who did it harm?


Bugsy set up the squad that did the protection of the trucks.  No one bothered trucks protected by Bugsy.  At least not in the beginning.  And then Dutch Schultz saw how lucrative their operation was and started hijacking trucks.  Bodies were piling up and getting good help meant more money.  Bugsy hired his friends some of whom did not mind killing.  Dutch did the same and the war was on.


Eventually Schultz got wind of Meyer and Barry.  Threats were made and it was only a matter of time before a hit would be ordered on both men.  There was already a price on Bugsy but he was tough as nails.


Meyer went underground.  Barry was informed by Bugsy that the best way for him to lie low was to join a unit that General Pershing was forming that was known as “the rainbow division” Barry did not want to go.  But Bugsy and Meyer were quite adamant and before he knew it he was enlisted.  He was to report to Camp Mills on Long Island at the end of August of 1917.

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