Clothes makes the time period

As a young boy I wore a coonskin cap that was ala mode Davy Crockett,

Remember those days long ago when Flash Gordon’s transportation was a rocket?

There was Tige and Buster Brown who lived in our shoes,

There was the cap I wore on my head that was tinted blue.


Then came the sixties and we were liberated from the past.

The slacks became tighter we were showing off our ass,

Silk ties were the rage and we wore them with pride,

We stood on the street corner to ogle the girls who sighed.


The seventies and eighties came in with a blur,

It was the time of the mini skirt, the bee bone adored her.

The ties were thin we were imitating Travolta,

On the dance floors we twisted and we all were revolta.


It was the season of Brando roaring into town on a hog,

It was the seasons of the Beatles and wearing London fog

And I got older and wore polos and jeans,

I did not wear the expensive clothes for I had not the means


Into the next decade I rode on a steed of steel,

I ate fatting food as the McDonalds craze gave me a happy meal.

There were slit skirts and grungy clothes were in,

Some of the styles were like a prostitute living in sin.


The future is here and what will the next trends include,

Fashion styles will evolve and I can only conclude.

Nudity will be the next trend on the block,

Wearing nothing the fad with neon colored socks.

Silver Fox Fur Davy Crockett HatThis one is for sale for $400.


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