Confusion in the ranks

The questions of a deranged mind.

Can one expel gas and belch at the same time?

Where does the colors of what we eat go? If I eat a banana and a plum should not my stool be yellow and purple and pretty in the bowl?

Will the gravity of the situation result in falling into a black hole?

Do the vessels traveling in space use a dumping procedure for wastes like boats do in the water? Eventually we will pollute space with human wastes floating out there amidst urine globs.

Ships are named for people and I foresee ships in outer space will continue the tradition. The USS Tiny Tim and the USS OJ Simpson. Will these ships be loyal to their namesakes?

Monster movies of old used every animal, bug and vegetable imaginable. There was a wasp woman, a bee invasion, scorpions that were black, spiders of all sorts, monsters with fangs, fangs with monsters and invisibility which I never can understand. There have been invasion by creatures that are like stalks of asparagus and entities that cannot be described.

The children of the future will believe the creatures of Tolkien are real and hiding.

Star Wars is real but hidden by a cloak of invisibility.

Indiana Jones was a real archaeologist and is retired in England.

Doctor Who turned out to be a chiropractor and applies witch hazel to the rub.

How small is the briefing room?

When a lawyer brings his briefs to the court can they be boxers?


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