When one gets hurt we say, “It smarts” but if one got hurt how smart was it?

Boston Blackie was not Black.  And he was not from Boston.  In fact most of his cases were in New York.

The Thin Man was not the thin man.  That was the first guy murdered.  The public mixed it up and the name stuck.

Frankenstein is not the name of the creature.  It was the scientist name.  I wonder if Igor had a last name?

An umbrella or parasol is a folding canopy supported by wooden or metal ribs but they are not real ribs.  I am not ribbing you.  And did Adam have metal ribs.  Was Adam made of metal and therefore the first Adam was a robot. 

This is Robbie the Robot.  I always wondered if there was a female version called Robin the Robot.



Related image
Image result for a picture of bob may as robbie the robot
Bob May as Robbie the Robot.  How did he take a leak during the production of Forbidden Planet or is it forbidden to ask?
Image result for picture of r2d2
Image result for the guy in r2d2 a picture of him in the robot
Unfortunately both May and Kenny Baker have passed on.  I wonder what is on their tombstones?  For in our hearts they will live forever.

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