Triple by pass causing a reflection on life.

It has been two months since the surgery.  I feel better.  There is a scar down my chest.  But the insides are healing and the weird jelly like feeling in my chest is gone.  I have not suffered any depression.  But going through this has been a bear.   Fortunately I have my wife, Alice, and she has done a magnificent job.

Now I am not one to preach.  I pass people on the street and note they are over weight.  I do not go up to them and tell them to lose it or suffer the consequences.  But on the blog I will mention the killers out there.

Sugar.  Yeah, I know it tastes good.  But it will kill you.  Same with Salt.  Pasta adds calories like there is no tomorrow.  And pizza is addictive but is not good for you.

Enough preaching.  Do not heed my advice and follow the path of discomfort that a triple will afford you.

Cost.. Got the bills from the hospital.  I did not think I was worth one hundred and fifty grand.  But the government paid most of it.  Now granted I am on medicare.  But really.  You can buy a house for that and not feel the pain.

I am now seventy one years old and if I learned anything is get the most out of life by good deeds.  If everyone was kind to one another what a great place this would be.

I saw Dead Pool, and Suicide Squad.  Mayhem and murder.  We glorify in it and it bruises our goodness.  We wish to imitate the evil out there and it smacks us in the face.  Bring back Mickey Rooney in the Hardy boy series.  Bring back the Lone Ranger with Tonto.  The original not the mismatched nonsense of Depp and what is his name.

I am nostalgic up to a point.  I do not want to bring back Hitler and World War Two.

But Daffy Duck made me laugh, so did Bugs, and Abbot and Costello.  I miss that.  I do not laugh that much when I watch the news or television.  There is a guy on the television who runs our country in a way which is chaotic and tears down the few institutions that are left.  I worry about the environment.  I worry about the grand children and the world I will be leaving them.  I worry if the democratic society nurtured in this country can stay in the face of all the nonsense it is facing.


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