Chapter eleven: Barouch is groomed to be an accountant

The Passports were issued quickly. Money speaks volumes and the connections that the Yakovlevich family had was strong. The money at the bank for the family was absorbent. Jacob Schiff was an extraordinary banker who invested in a lot of the Jewish enterprises that were springing up not only in New York but in other cities as well. The National City Bank of New York was growing by leaps and bounds. Jacob Schiff not only made millions at the bank but developed other enterprises as well. He was director of the bank and The Equitable Life Assurance Society, Wells Fargo and Company and involved with the Union Pacific Railroad. Thus he had insights into many important operations going on in the country as it developed and grew.

Image result for picture of Jacob Schiff banker


Schiff was from Germany but he was a Jew.   Ashkenazic Jews are the Jews of France, Germany, and Eastern Europe and their descendants. The adjective “Ashkenazic” and corresponding nouns, Ashkenazi (singular) and Ashkenazim (plural) are derived from the Hebrew word “Ashkenaz,” which is used to refer to Germany. Most American Jews today are Ashkenazim, descended from Jews who emigrated from Germany and Eastern Europe from the mid 1800s to the early 1900s. The pages in this site are written from the Ashkenazic Jewish perspective.

He therefore looked after all Jews. Including the migration of millions coming in from the Old World. That included his distant cousins from Russia. The Yakovlevich family was extremely well off. They made a lot of money off the Jews they helped leave Russia and those Jews in return banked with Schiff at the National Bank. It was a close knit group. Schiff got many jobs using his connections with his various operations. But a primary concern was to get Jews into the government end of business. Seymour was intelligent, charismatic, wealthy and well liked by the Jewish community. He would be groomed for the House of Representatives. But first the name would have to be changed. This was the time of resentment against the Jews. Conspiracy theories abounded and an easy way to avoid the problem was the simple changing of ones name.


And so Seymour became Sol and his last name became Rosen (Rozen) referring to a royal concept of Count. Seymour liked this for he was the brother to a Baron and felt this elevated him in the New World Order. His wife on the other hand disliked it. But she did not have a voice in this because business dictated a short version of the name and business was paramount in the American scheme of enterprises.


To learn the ins and outs of Congress Sol was now moved lock and stock to a house in northern Virginia near the Washington area. He would become an aid to Victor Luitpold Berger who was a House of Representative member from the state of Wisconsin. Berger was the founding member of the Social Democratic Party of America and a journalist. He had established the Sewer Socialist movement and in Congress help negotiate the open by ways for the two million Jews who would be emigrating through New York City during the years leading to the first World War.


Schiff also aided Frieda and her ward Barouch. He moved them into an upscale apartment in Manhatten. Schiff was moved by the missing Baron and decided to take Barouch under his wing. He would finance his going to school. Barouch was now thirteen and needed guidance. But first a name change. Barouch had the trouble of the English language. Barouch could be spelled in a few ways and it reeked of old Russian influence. It was now legally changed to Barry still maintaining the Blessed virtue of the Jewish language but shorter and easier to handle. His last name was not to be Rozen (Rosen). For some reason Schiff wanted the uncle to be that and Barry to be by himself, a different last name. He would never answer why. He was not a man who answered questions, he was a man who asked them. The last name chosen was Wache. A German hybrid. But then again Schiff was German, but a German Jew who had known the Rothchilds on a first name basis.


It was determined that Barry would go to a school where the learning was geared to accounting. Math was much needed for business. Math was the center of how to make and save money. Barry would be groomed for the banking industry. And so to school he would go from 1912 to 1917. There he would meet up and coming Jews who would run industries and effect the United States itself. One of them sitting next to him in many classes was a shy and rather short fellow. His name Meyer Lansky.


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