The Exection of the Royal Family


Chapter Ten: The end is near and June is warm and muggy in 1917.


The Abbot could see it coming. The rumors were deeper and the writing was on the wall. He decided rather than become entangled with the intrigue and possibly get killed he would go to a safe house. America beckoned and with money hidden in a resource bank he absconded. He wanted to take Chernobog but he was involved and could not get away. He would send for him later. But now drifting alone in Russia, Chernobog became attached to a Commander Yurosky. He became his attaché and did minor tasks for him. That is until June 16, 1917. He helped the Commander relocate the tsar Nicholas and his family from one location to another.


It was that morning that Yurosky came to him. His old face more grayer than usual. He brought him outside of the safe house and then informed him in somber tones the words that would resonate in Chrenobog’s brain for the rest of his life. “They have become a liability. They have to be eliminated.”

For a second it did not hit Chrenobog. Eliminated? Then it hit him.

He thought of who was in the safe house. Safe house a word that was repellent to him at this point. This was the death house.


Those to be executed included the tsar, Nicholas the Second, his wife Alexandra. Their children, Alexei, the hemophiliac who had been saved by Rasputin, and their four daughters. The medical doctor Evgeny Botkin was slated for death, the footman, the maidservant and the cook. All were to be shot and then burned by fire to kill traces of the execution.



Six men with pistols drawn entered the house and herded all to the parlor and there with no remorse in their hearts they executed all until they ran out of bullets. Then to cover up the activity the house was burned to the ground.


Yurosky and Chrenobog were there as were four Bolshevics who had minor ranks. Over the course of the next year the four mysteriously died in one manner or another. Yurosky was next. He was executed by the White Army on a treason charge. Chrenobog could see his future was limited in Russia. Escape or suffer the consequences. He set up an escape route and with the help of his former employer, the Abbot, he set out with a phony name to the haven of America.  He too would go to Elis Island.  He would enter as a simple clergy man.  But he was not simple.  For years he had set up an account at The Chase Bank.  Millions of dollars sat there awaiting him.  He would rebuild the Synod in the United States.  He would recruit new members to the order.  And he would rule over this group.  For power was his cup of tea and he needed the sugar rush.











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