A little confusion.

Colt is a horse or a gun.  Or a horse that has a gun.  Or a horse that revs up and shoots his gun.  Or a person who is hoarse and rides a horse who is armed.  Or an octopus who has eight arms with eight guns riding a horse.  Or little read riding hood who wears her hood while riding her roan.  Or a mustang that is a horse or a car.   Simple right.


Is ticking off trump a misplay in playing cards?

After Trump leaves the  White House he is renting it out as one of his properties.

Is Singapore skin which hums or crones a tune>

Remember duck pants?

Why do people wear jeans with tears in them?  They can pay less for whole pants and rip them themselves.

If the best man gives away the bride is the groom the second best?

Ring always puzzles me, you can ring someone up or give a girl a ring or skate around a ring.

There is a bundle of joy and a bundle of laundry.

Ever try a drink with a meat ball in it?  It’s called gin balls.



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