The Bar Mitzvah Chapter six

The Bat Mitzvah that never happened. Chapter six of the Jew


English: Known old photo of Joseph Trumpeldor ...

English: Known old photo of Joseph Trumpeldor (d. 1920) עברית: יוסף טרומפלדור (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Chapter six: A Bat Mitzvah gone wrong.

Over five hundred of St. Petersberg had been invited to the affair following the ceremony. The castle of the Baron would be invaded by the most elite. But some would not show up. Some because they would never align themselves with a Jew. Some because of their fear of retribution and others for to do so would be a bad political move. In all half would come but the event did not occur.

This happened because of the event of the twenty ninth. The finding of Rasputin’s body on January fourth caused immediate ripples. Immediately all suspected everyone. The first reaction was against the Jews and it came naturally from the Holy Snyod. They would investigate the death of one of their own. Prince Obolenski was the main conduit into where all information on Rasputin’s death merged. It was true that the medical investigation team ruled the death as natural. But behind the scenes the truth was known. The word was Murder and Prince Obolenski would use this to exercise his power and increase it for all of his worth.

On January sixth, Izzy disappeared. He had gone to the market place to meet with someone. Then he was no more. The Baron sent out feelers to try to find his friend. It came to no avail. Where Izzy was and what happened to him frightened the Jews who had participated in the event at the bar. Then three days later the bartender disappeared. That was the straw that broke the back of the yak. The Baron now with his neck hairs aroused now made plans to escape. He felt he and all the rest of the cadre were in jeapordy.

The Baron had a sea captain cousin at Arkhangelsk. It was where he had set up a jump off point to get Jews out of Russia who had gotten in the way of the Russian doctrines to get rid of them. The Baron would charge for this privilege. He made a small fortune and used the captain as a means to make it. He charged on a moving scale based on wealth and status. The captain of the boat was his cousin Joseph Trumpeldor. His cousin had been a hero in the Russo-Japanese War and with his recognition and support now had a boat docked at Arkhangelsk. Since 1906 the route had been in force. His cousin Joseph would take the money and smuggle it to a bank in New York ran by another cousin who with a lot of financing had set up a Jewish bank in New York for the use of the incoming Jewish population.

The boat was bought by Jews who had already migrated to the United States and was utilized as a Liberty ship. It’s name полет свободы translated to Freedom Flight. It was a converted ship originally called the Mauretania designed by Swan, Hunter and Wigham Richardson originally for the British Cunard Line. Its capacity was over two thousand souls which was filled for the passages across the Pacific trip. The Baron made a lot of money. All sitting in the bank on Fifth Avenue. Jacob Schiff was the founder of the bank with the American name the National City Bank of New York. He loaned money to the Japanese to fight the Russo-Japan war against Russia because the Russians had done so many bad things against his people, the Jews. The Japanese won. The war end was negotiated by Teddy Roosevelt and done so effectively he won the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts.

It was in this bank that the Baron had a huge account. He kept it there just in case his position in Russia became difficult. He now had the feeling that he better cash in his chips and pull the plug on his Russian living arrangements.

The forces of the Holy Synod were closing in and the disappearance of both Izzy and the bartender, Ivan were formal notice that he was in jeapordy. He therefore notified his cousin Jacob to reserve room on the Freedom Flight for his entourage and that of his brother. He arranged with his brother Seymour to get his son, Barouch, Frieda and Seymours wife and children ready to leave January eight at six in the morning. Frieda and Barouch were transported over the prior day and slept over. The Baron had some work to do in the St. Petersberg and would meet them at the boat. No notice would be given but the Bat Mitzvah of Barouch would be a small affair on the sea as the boat traveled towards America.


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