Conspiracy Theory?

If you are reading this I am dead. Oh sure, I died by accident or natural death or maybe even suicide but I assure you I was murdered. They are good and quite evil so I have gone to great lengths to get this story to you even though I am now six feet under.

Two years ago after my wife died I really did not want to live anyway. I even contemplated suicide but I am too much of a coward to do the deed. Then on a whim I bet on the lotto and crazily I won. Now I was worth twenty-two million dollars and still I had no reason to live.

One night I saw Cold Case Files on television. I decided to solve a case that was old and quite controversial. It involved a murder of a well known man at the Lorraine Motel in 1968. I decided with the money I had I could hire detectives and maybe get so light on the murder of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr…

I decided up front not to go down the same path of investigation as so many others had.

My questions were not whether James Earl Ray had killed King with one shot from a gun but how? How did he get the gun? Where did he buy it? How much? Did they do a background check?

I hired five detectives from different areas to amass the information. None of them would know about the other four. I wanted more information on the weapon. I paid them $25,000 for their efforts and received their reports through an attorney.

They all found the information about the gun itself. A Remington rifle with scope abilities but no scope. Ray did not have experience with this gun at least not though the army. They even supplied the serial number of the gun Jt146579. The main point emphasized in each report was the Ray denied the killing and said someone named Raul masterminded the plot. The one main point was that Ray’s fingerprints were on the gun.

I kept looking at the report. Why didn’t Ray wipe the prints from the gun? He had an arrest record and certainly the police would run the prints and find him out. He ran all the way to England to avoid capture. How did he get the money to do that? Raul? But wouldn’t make more sense to wipe the prints from the gun?

I kept thinking. Ray was a small petty thief. It appears he hated Blacks, but then again why would he associate with someone named Raul. Did he hate Blacks enough to kill King and flee the country? He left his prints. He left his prints, Why?

Then it hit me someone else had left his prints on a gun, a sniper gun in another case. In 1963, Lee Harvey Oswald had left his prints on the rifle that he supposedly killed Kennedy with. Why? He had background fingerprints from the army and the school system he worked with in Dallas. Why would both men leave their prints on the murder weapons?

I contacted my five detectives and had them find out about the Kennedy murder weapon. It turned out to be a Remington with a scope. Serial number Jt146582. I almost fell to the floor. It just couldn’t be a coincidence.

I got worried. I now sent out my results to a dozen lawyers that if anything happened to me that they would go to my space, enter a password which would activate this manuscript which you are now reading.

I now with great anxiety sent my detectives on a new task. Locate from the Remington Arms Company in Jasper, Wyoming the batch of weapons with the two close serial numbers. The information came within a week. Both weapons and the whole batch were sent to an Army Base in Kansas to be used on a target range for new recruits in the army.

Both weapons on the same base. One from the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963 and on from the assassination of Martin Luther King in 1968. Obviously the question to be asked is there any connection. I had my detectives work on the roster of personnel at the base in 1962-3. Now most of the people went through the base in eight weeks. I was looking for the main people who stayed on to 1968. Their were four army personnel who were at the base at both times.

Lancaster, Rodgers, Anderson, and Unger. All now retired. I played around with the names in my head. And then like a thunder bolt it hit. Rodgers R,   Anderson A, Unger U and Lancaster L. RAUL

I sent out my detectives to find out the whereabouts of these four men. All retired, all now living very well. Living in houses that they could not afford. Belonging to country clubs they could not afford. Taking trips they could not afford. Buying things well above their reach.

I started to call my detectives. Five detectives all have died mysteriously in the past week. Car accidents, drowning and suicide. I now know their coming for me. I know too much. But by now you know too much and since they got me, watch your back they’ll be coming for you.



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