Chapter three: filler information

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Frieda raised the boy, Baruch for sixteen years in the castle of the Baron.

Baron Simon Yakovlevich was a paradox.  A Jew in the court of the tzar.  Nicholas gave him duties of finance during his reign and occasionally sought advice.  The Baron was a war hero and was quite liked in the circles of the tzar.  The expression of the court was he was a pretty good guy even though he was a Jew.

But a Jew who was cunning and good with manipulating money was an asset to the tzar who was becoming increasingly disliked by his people because of his life style and expensive taste.

The connection of the Baron and the tzar was the fact that the Baron had saved the tzar’s life in the war.  But the unknown fact was by doing so he had been deballed by cannon shot.  Both men knew they needed a male child to continue the blood line.  In Nicholas’s case he married Alexandra Feodoroyna and had four children of no consequence.  Yes, he adored the girls but a male heir was necessary and finally his wife gave birth to Alexei.  Rejoicing gave way to consternation.  For Alexei suffered from hemophilia.  And this fact would change history.

Enter Rasputin: the monk.  He would save Alexei life and therefore became a favorite of the mother.  He plotted and went up to the ladder to challenge the tzar and therefore the tzar mentioned that he needed this man to be eleminated.  The Baron was secretly involved in the plot.



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