Some notes of little importance

Just saw the Independence Day two movie.  It was to over the top.  The concept of bigger is better loses out.  Do you remember the alien movie and the mother of the aliens?  Now we have the mother of the aliens.

In Star Trek the next generation Data was great, here he is a doofus of the first order.  The President makes the same sacrifice that the spray farmer made.  The themes are constantly repeated.  We just do not have any new ideas.

I like monster movies with seeing millions of people die.  How is that uplifting?


I saw on television the show where everything is super sized.  It was called Gianormous.  A hamburger the size of a head of lettuce.  Then they stuffed everything but the kitchen sink into it.  I had to turn it off.

We are what we eat and if you eat that you will blossom into a balloon..

Saw Diner and Dives with a guy who goes over the country and watches chefs make their creations.   Every recipe was filled with salt and sugar.

The two s words result in a giant ass.  We are a society killing itself with food.


I watched with sadness the me channel which shows old television shows of the past.  The sadness was the realization that most of the people in these shows have passed.  Gilligan’s Island, the cast is almost gone.  Time marches on and ages us.



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