Penis envy?

What caused Ahab to be obsessed with a white whale.  Is the blubber pure?  It took off his leg?  How did that happen?  Did he bite it off?  And if the leg is gone what about Ahab’s manhood?  I Think that is what he is pissed off at?  You take off the manhood and revenge is in the air.

How many cats who have lost their manhood would like to claw their owners to death?

Screw with the penis and the results are in the air.

I just had a triple by -pass and they put a tube up my penis.  I piss continually with lazek and sex is the last thing I think of.

I still have negative views on losing my manhood for the next few months.  I cannot imagine what it is like to be neutered.

The razor’s edge.  Imagine looking the taste buds, the sensory level of touch. This is a bummer to say the least.



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