The rifle that killed a President

Most witnesses reported that they heard three shots on that fateful day in Dallas. There was one, followed by a pause, then two more in rapid succession. The shots were fired from approximately 60 feet up, at about an 18 degree angle at a distance of between 175 and 200 feet. In all, the time lapse between the three shots varies depending on whether you believe that it was two shots or three shots that hit JFK and Texas Governor Connolly. At the outside, the time for three shots is about eight seconds. Even with a little bit of bolt trouble this would be feasable, because Oswald had qualified twice at Marksman level in the Marines. That test is rapid fire, 50 rounds at 200 yards at a man-sized target. He scored 48 and 49. You would also have to assume that Oswald knew how to not only properly zero the firearm, but also make sure that it worked properly with the en-bloc clip that was found in the gun.

exactly like the rifle/scope combo he bought out of the February 1963 American Rifleman ad from Kleins for $19.99.

“American Rifleman” magazine with Klein’s sporting goods ad. February 1963 issue, p. 65. Lee Harvey Oswald ordered the rifle he used to kill President Kennedy from a Klein’s ad resembling this. The black and white full-page ad is headed “Received Too Late for Hunting Season, Klein’s Loss is Your Gain! Save Now! But Hurry!” and promises no money down and a 30-day free trial. The ad lists pictures of several different guns with descriptions and prices starting at $12.98. Good condition. 11 1/2 x 8 1/2″ Sale History: Guernsey’s, December 2005

Magazine advertisement through which Oswald purchased the rifle (left column, third from top). The ad photo actually shows a telescopically modified Carcano TS, but by the time Oswald used the ad to order the “6.5 Italian Carbine”, Klein’s was shipping Carcano Model 91/38’s. Thus, Oswald received the latter model.

On October 9, 1962, Lee Harvey Oswald rented post office box number 2915 in Dallas, Texas.

Was Oswald planning this operation six months before Kennedy went to Dallas?


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