A relationship gone sour


I married Alice 47 years ago.  We have three children.  She is a vegetarian.  You could not ask for a nicer lady.  She raised the children well, took care of me and was a homemaker.  In 47 year’s we had three minor fights.  In each case I was wrong, said I was sorry and we went on with our lives.


But this is a one problem we had.  My mother disliked my wife.  I never knew why.  But there was resentment.    I finished my M.A. in New York and then we moved to Florida.  We have three children.  My mother never sent a birthday card to any of them.  She never called to speak to anyone of my children.


She called me on occasion but avoided talking about her own Grandchildren.  Eventually she moved to Florida with her second husband.

One day she called and invited me to a pizza place for diner.

I asked to bring the children and she said no.  No reason, she did not want to see them.  I informed her if they were not invited I would not come either.  She hung up and never called back.


The relationship was over.  Deep down it bothered me but time has gone under the bridge and I figure she has passed on.  Never understood it, but there are scars and sometimes one should not pick at them.


The Grandchildren are all grown and never ask about their Grandmother.  Let it be says the Beatle song.  And so I did.


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