The lost beauty of youth

Love is in the air like a bouquet of roses,

The smell is alluring and cupid does poses,

But not all is pure in the land of demure,

Greed and corruption rear their ugly heads,

And half the country is half kilter on all those meds.

We are given bodies pure at heart,

At least that is what is done at the start,

And then we poison our bodies with tastes of vile,

Come on, admit, you have done it, I can tell by that smile.

Now pay the piper for the sins of the past,

The times you shouted stupidity with such a blast,

Thought you were impervious to pain and age,

Now you know better as you sit in your apartment cage.

Time erodes our youth and gives us scars and nicks,

The human overload shows that most of us have suffered life’s nicks.

Image result for cartoon picture of a  old man

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