The age of change

With age things change:

Puff the Magic Dragon contracts COP and no longer lives by the sea.

Superman gains weight and no longer fits into the S costume.

The invisible plane of Wonder Woman leaks when it rains and therefore is visible with droplets.

Aqua man develops hydrophobia.

The seven dwarfs take steroids and become giants.

Alice becomes lost in dementia and therefore roams wonderland.

Siegfried catches a tiger by the tail and it devours him.

Simon says and is arrested for what he said.

Drones are used as spies by parents and go to school where they spy on their children.

The baseball game is shortening to six innings and twenty-four games because it became boring.

The basketball hoop was heightened to twenty feet to make the game more exciting.

Golf course had wild animals introduced into the system and the golfer’s caddies were armed with guns.


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