Suppertime in the Twilight Zone

Suppertime:  a time to eat after the day was over with.  And then one night it changed.  There was mom, dad and me sitting down.  But this night there was no talking.  Mom stared at Dad and there was hatred coming from her eyes.  Finally, Mom said something which sent chills down my spine.  She asked my Dad, “are you a man or a mouse?”


Dad did not reply.  Instead he got up and went to the bathroom.  He was in there over twenty minutes.  Mom said to me, “go check up on your father.”


I went to the bathroom door and knocked.  There was no answer.  I started to get worried.  I tried the door knob and it turned.  I opened the door slowly.  Dad was not in the bathroom.  He was nowhere to be found.  I did not see him leave the apartment.  It was as if he vanished.

Mom contacted the police and filled out the police report.  Distinguishing characteristics included that dad had one green eye and one brown eye.  Otherwise just a regular guy.


It was a couple of days later and as I lay in my bed I heard a noise from the hamster cage.  I put on the light in my room and checked on Robbie the Hamster.  There in his cage was what was left of Robbie.  A bloodied corpse.  And eating the flesh was a mouse.  I was enraged.  I was going to scream but then I noticed the mouse looked at me.  In fact, he starred at me.  He starred with his eyes.  One was green and the other brown.  I cleaned up the mess and this mouse became my pet.  I know what you’re thinking but that is crazy.  Anyway, this mouse did tricks.  It seemed to be rather intelligent.


Mom got a job at a factory and that is where she met Harry.  Within a month, Harry started to come over.  It made me sick.  They carried on

With hugs and kisses behind closed doors.  I did not like the guy but we did have food on the table and the rent got paid.


The next month Harry moved in.  I stayed mostly in my room and played with my mouse.  I know it sounds crazy but I talked to him.  Of course, he did not talk back.  But he seemed to listen.


Harry started to change.  Beer appeared in the refrigerator and he seemed to drink a lot of it.  When he did that he became aggressive and nasty.  Then it happened.  He struck my mom.  I tried to help her but he pushed me back into my room.  Later he apologized to us and said it would never happen again.


But it did. It started to happen frequently.


One night it got bad.  He hit my mom and went after me.  I retreated to my room and put the lock on the door.  It was a cheap chain lock and he broke in with a giant push against the door.  Mousy was in its cage and stood up on his hind legs.  I hid under the bed and I am a little hazy with what happened next.  There appeared a blinding light.  It was green with brown highlights.  Harry was in the door frame entering my room with blood in his eyes.  Then the light and he disappeared.  I looked and he was gone.  My mom and I searched the house but he was nowhere to be found.  My had a black eye and bruises on her arm.  We were relieved he was gone and secretly hoped he would never come back.  Then the silence in the room was broken as there was a knock on the door.


We jumped.  We both were scared.  Mom went to the door and opened it.  There in the doorway was my dad.  With the door opened he came in and hugged both of us.  No words were said.  Just hugs.  Dad was home and never said where he was.


They made like the incident never happened.  And now at supper time we sit around the table and there are smiles, hope for the future and a new baby on the way.  Supper time is great.

Image result for a cartoon picture of three people eating supper

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