Syria Missile Strike

The Syria Fiasco:

We bombed some places in Syria with tomahawk missiles.

Each bomb cost the United States one million dollars.

We did not knock out the air strips.  They were too easy to be rebuilt.  We did not knock out their airplanes for the next day they flew out again from the same airfield and bombed again the Syrian area that they had poisoned with gas bombs.  Question what did we destroy with those missiles.

We warned the Russians before the mission so they removed their soldiers out of harm’s way.  They told their allies so they removed any stuff they did not want to lose.

What the hell did we bomb?  Some old building?  A couple of trucks.  What was the sense to it?  Supposedly we sent a message.  To me the message is we are dumb and needed to do something to show our intentions.  We accomplished nothing.  The Assad faction is laughing behind our backs.  We did kill ten of the enemy but that is an estimate.

Trump did a paper tiger.  Long live the tiger.  The enemy is laughing itself to death.

Image result for a picture of a tomahawk missile



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