What constitutes being documented?

Definition. For purposes of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), any person who is not a citizen or a national of the United States. There are different categories of aliens: resident and nonresident, immigrant and nonimmigrant, asylee and refugee, documented and undocumented (“illegal”).


Documented immigrants are those who entered the United States with an immigrant visa or have adjusted status to a lawful permanent resident …

We have been throwing the good out with the bad.

Many immigrants pay taxes, have jobs and are productive.  So why are they in the mix to be deported?

Once in a while a person makes a mistake.  They do a minor crime.  They get a DUI.

If I deported all of the Americans who did these crimes I would find some prominent people have made a mistake.  Hell, even the President admits to grouping women on numerous occasions and got away with it.


I understand the criminal element with hard crimes should be deported, and I can not find justification in keeping them.  But I remember the Cuban boat lift and Castro sent us thousands.  We kept them.  Yes crime went up and then they disappeared into the mix.

This is a country that gives chances.  A country where you should not have to be scared to be deported just because you came here.  Some could argue on their might pulpits that they broke the law to come here.  But what if it was you?

Would you wait five years to get the paperwork done or take a chance?  A chance to come to a country where you could get chances to succeed at a better life.

How many of you would stay in conditions of fear and worry?  Yes, there are gangs and some bad people.  But that is a minority and we can vet them out.

America is humane.  Let us stay that way!



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